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Re: Tomcat userid (was Tomcat 3.3 / 4.0 ? When?)

>>>>> "GOMEZ" == GOMEZ Henri <hgomez@slib.fr> writes:

GOMEZ> Consider that you could have a web application, .war, which
GOMEZ> will be exploded by tomcat at runtime so you need for some
GOMEZ> dirs, logs, work, webapps write access !!!

An application server has no legitimate reason to change the code it's
executing. Expanding a WAR file is an exception, because it cannot
handle this format directly.

Tomcat 4.0 has an option that lets it read the WAR file directly,
without expanding it.[1] And even without that option, an
administrator could do the expansion when installing the application.

You still need a writeable directory to store compiled JSPs, but even
this is not a requirement: there are tools that can precompile JSPs
for you.

[1] I think SUN intended it to work like that.

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