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RE: Tomcat userid (was Re: Tomcat 3.3 / 4.0 ? When?)

>Stefan> So static parts inside the /mywebapp directoy were served by
>Stefan> Apache directly and dynamic parts (JSP pags and servlets) were
>Stefan> passed to Tomcat using mod_jk. This changed in Tomcat 3.3: All
>Stefan> files inside /mywebapp are handled by Tomcat now, like in this
>Stefan> example:
>Stefan> JkMount /mywebapp/* ajp13
>I had some problems with struts using the old configuration. Struts
>generates links to images which contain the session ID, and apache
>would try to load a file called `some.gif;SESSION=asdfghjk'.

Did you send the question to tomcat-user and tomcat-dev lists ?

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