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RE: [summary] Re: policy proposition for javadoc installation

>- should we contact FHS about this new directory (/usr/share/javadoc) ?


>- is cross-linking of javadoc an interesting/achievable feature ?
>When building foo package, depending of bar package, add -linkoffline 
>/usr/share/javadoc/bar option to javadoc would provide 
>cross-linked api 
>Subsidiary question (personal curiosity):
>i know ant documentation comes in ant-doc package on debian. But is it 
>installed in /usr/share/doc/ant (using the main package name) or 
>/usr/share/doc/ant-doc (using the actual documentation package name) 
>directory ?
>On rpm system (at least mandrake), /usr/share/doc/ant contains basic 
>readme.txt, license.txt, etc, while real manual get installed in 
>This is important as we have to decide if ant javadoc will go in 
>/usr/share/javadoc/ant or /usr/share/javadoc/ant-javadoc :-)

+1 for /usr/share/javadoc/ant

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