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policy proposition for javadoc installation

We would like your opinion about this proposition:

Package documentation usualy goes in a distinct subdirectory under 
/usr/share/doc, as established by FHS. Java software also comes with 
javadoc-generated api documentation, which is usually stored in a 
subdirectory with rest of documentation.
We propose instead to install it under a distinct subdirectory under a new 
/usr/share/apidoc top-level directory. Advantages:
- distinction with standard documentation
- would allow to link generated javadoc versus already-installed one
- name 'apidoc' is not specificaly related to java, could also be used by 
other languages
Guillaume Rousse <rousse@ccr.jussieu.fr>
GPG key http://lis.snv.jussieu.fr/~rousse/gpgkey.html

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