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jacorb package for debian


I did a debian package of jacorb (The free Java implementation of the OMG's CORBA
standard). It would be nice, if somebody can take a look on it becaue it´s my 
first java package:

deb http://people.debian.org/~schlue/packages/ unstable contrib

So far I found nobody but Stephane working on it (but didn´t released 
anything and nothing is found in the BTS or WNPP). If nobody has any 
objections, I would like to take the package and upload it into incoming in a 
few days.

Now I will start with argouml....

Bye, Michael

Michael Schlueter,Rheinische Strasse 91,44137 Dortmund,0231-7275720
Mails: michael@johalla.de schlue@debian.org
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