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Re: j2se1.3 now in /Incoming

> > What are we doing about the java2 dependency issue?  There was a long
> > thread about this recently and (I believe) general consensus was that
> > there should be:
> >
> > Provides: java2-virtual-machine (or java2-runtime?)
> > Provides: java2-compiler
> Well. I have to ask one thing (before adding such things to the
> policy). Have the virtual machine changed (in any strange way) or
> is it just the runtime environment that really have changed. I skip
> all performance parts and just focus on compatibility.

Not quite sure I understand the question here; are you asking whether the
JVM specs have changed along with the API?

I'm not sure how this affects the discussion either way; the reason for
providing java2-* packages is that there is such a vast API compatibility
gap between it and java 1.1/1.0.  If the JVM specs change as well, then
shouldn't this make such virtual packages all the more necessary?

I have a strange feeling I've missed your point entirely.


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