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Re: j2se1.3 now in /Incoming

Hi.  I checked out the j2se1.3 packages and they look great;
good work on finally getting them in debian proper. :)

I do have one question, and you're going to hate me for it but I'm going
to ask it anyway.

What are we doing about the java2 dependency issue?  There was a long
thread about this recently and (I believe) general consensus was that
there should be:

Provides: java2-virtual-machine (or java2-runtime?)
Provides: java2-compiler

The j2se1.3 packages however have (I believe):

Provides: j2re
Provides: j2sdk

Your argument against java2-virtual-machine and java2-compiler was that
there was no other java2 environment in debian in the short-term future.
But this is not an argument that says java2-* is bad; it's simply an
argument that says one proposal is not immediately more useful than the

Both methods use virtual packages that can't be versioned.  Both methods
allow java2 apps to have a single depends that will catch any java2

However, the java2-* method has the advantage that it reflects the
general consensus of the discussion that was raised.  What's wrong with
using the java2-* virtual packages?

Not to bitch straight after the upload :) - but I'm just bringing this up
now before we start getting java2 apps/libraries uploaded that will need
appropriate Depends: lines.

Ben. :)

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