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Re: Packages that require Java 2 ?

> I don't see much value in "java2-virtual-machine" unless it actually
> means a complete Java 2 runtime environment.

The idea is that much as I love the blackdown port, one wants to allow for 
multiple JVMs that all offer a runtime environment that claims to be more or 
less Java 2 compatible (this includes java2-virtual-machine-dummy 
representing my-favourite-non-packaged-JVM).  And so one wants a virtual 
package that they all provide.  We don't want Java2-dependent packages to 
have to depend on the specific blackdown packages, but instead some virtual 
package representing Java2.  The proposal for this virtual package name is 

I don't quite see your problem with this.  Indeed, it seems you're trying to 
do the same thing with your packages by providing j2re.  The reason for 
proposing java2-virtual-machine (instead of j2re) is for consistency with 
current java policy which dictates that all JVMs provide java-virtual-machine.

> Our new packages currently provide j2re and j2re<major>.<minor>.

Here we're stuck at the fundamental problem that you can't version virtual 
packages.  I don't want to depend on virtual package j2re1.2 since perhaps 
the person has j2re1.3.  I don't want to depend on j2re1.2 | j2re1.3 | 
j2re1.4 because this will become ridiculous.  I don't want to depend on the 
blackdown packages (>= 1.2) because there are other JVMs and presumably 
eventually other ports/reimplementations, and much as I love your work, we 
should't create a system that inherently forces people to use it.

Alas I don't see an easy way around this.  In the meantime, 
java2-virtual-machine at least gives the java1.1 vs java2 distinction whilst 
being consistent with current policy and not singling out any particular JVM 
(which is the whole point of the virtual packages).



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