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Re: java packaging questions

* Mark Johnson 

|    I have similar questions for other packages I'd like to upload. The
|    arbortext catalog classes (and related extensions) that provide
|    catalog support for saxon and XT are an example. I could package
|    the base classes as "lib-arbortext-java", the saxon extensions as
|    "lib-saxcat-java" and make two more packages "xt-catalog" and
|    "saxon-catalog" that provide wrapper scripts. Would such a
|    combination be appropriate?

I'd say that having this solution is quite ok.  Adding suggests or
recommends to lib-{arbortext,saxcat}-java might be appropriate as

| 2. Package building: Is it necessary to recompile upstream jar files?
|      I hope not. :-) 

Shouldn't be, but you can if you want to.

| 3. Dependencies: The java-common policy states
|      "Both [libraries and programs] must depend on
|       java-virtual-machine."
|    But many current java packages do not have this
|    dependency. Suggestions?

file bugs?


Tollef Fog Heen
You Can't Win

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