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some packages


I have been investigating about kaffe and other Java softwares. Some
of softwares like Tomcat and Ant doesn't work with kaffe. I tried to
fixed these problems. Now I have some packages which work with Kaffe.

I put following packages to http://people.debian.org/~tora/deb/

	work with kaffe

	new upstream version
	fixed debian java policy violation

	new upstream version

	new upstream version
	encoding option problem is fixed (It's very important for
	CJK people(Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

	ant doesn't work.

Following packages are mine. But their need above kaffe and ant. 
I'll upload them after kaffe and ant will be uploaded.


I think almost bugs are fixed but I don't confirm all. Can I ask
original maintaners to check and upload your responsible packages,
sir? Well, I can upload package instead of you if you couldn't by
any reason.

BTW, I read the discussion about new debian java policy. Can I see the
conclusion of it as html or text document?

best regards.
Takashi Okamoto <tora at debian.org>

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