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Re: dh_java

On Monday 04 June 2001 15:18, Hein Meling wrote:
> Egon Willighagen wrote:
> > TODO:
> > - make Debian package for dh_java
> > - have dh_java output a "control" line
> > - have dh_java output a classpath
> > - read/comment and implement debian-java comments/wishes etc (hint, hint)
> Just like to let you know that I'm looking forward to getting this, as I
> think it might be very useful. In particular the classpath output, which
> could be put into a makefile.

The .deb is attached. 

> BTW: What do you mean by "control" line?

The controle file used when packaging a .deb...
More specific: the Depends: line in this file

> One suggestion could be to integrate this with the make file generator
> for java: http://www.tildeslash.com/mmake/

I prefer Ant, but it would be nice if both could use the output of dh_java...


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