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Re: org/w3c/dom duplicates in lib-dom-java and lib-openxml-java,libxerces-java!

andrew@pimlott.ne.mediaone.net (Andrew Pimlott) writes:
> On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 01:03:48PM -0600, Eric Schwartz wrote:
> > andrew@pimlott.ne.mediaone.net (Andrew Pimlott) writes:
> > > While this does allow modification of the software, it effectively
> > > says that when you modify it, you must break the API.  This seems
> > > like an onerous requirement.
> > 
> > Modifying it will break the API
> You have little faith in me if you think I cannot modify a piece of
> code without breaking the API :-)

No, no, I mean what they seem to be saying is that you cannot modify the
classes that define the API to either extend or contract the scope of the 
API.  My interpretation of what they're saying is thus:

 "Anything that currently sits in org.w3c.dom.* must appear as specified
  by the API.  You can modify all you like, if you don't change  
  the API.  If you do, don't put it under our namespace."

> However, the license seems to forbid this.  That is what I'm asking
> about.

The license seems to forbid this, *IF* you insist on changing the
interface and still calling it org.w3c.dom.whatever.  It appears to allow 
mucking about with it like mad if you want to put it under
org.debian.whatever, or org.pimlott.funkyclasses.whatever.  That doesn't
sound like non-free to me.

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		-- Beckett

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