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Re: Ant bug #95866: ant 1.3 or 1.2


At Tue, 1 May 2001 15:14:47 +0200,
Egon Willighagen wrote:
> Stefan Gybas wrote (see bug report):
> > Ken Harris wrote:
> > > Ant 1.3 has been released.  An upgrade of ant in Debian would be great!
> >
> > I know, but unfortunately Ant 1.3 does not work with Kaffe. It causes
> > Kaffe to consume all available memory and then quit with an
> > OutOfMemoryError. However, Ant 1.3 works fine with all non-free JDKs, so
> > I either can stay with 1.2 in main to package 1.3 for contrib. I have
> > not yet decided which way I'll go. What's your opinion on this?

It was the bug of Kaffe's java.util.zip.ZipOutputStream.
I fixed it. Ant 1.3 may work with current Kaffe. 

> You might even consider:
> main: 		ant_1.2.deb
> non-free: 	ant-non-free.1.3.deb

No, Ant is distributed under Apache Lisence(BSD style).
So, Ant should not go non-free but contrib.

BTW, I fixed Ant 1.3 for obsolete Kaffe and send a patch to Ant
developers. It have been comitted already. And I made my Ant 1.3
package for Kaffe. You can use my Ant at following apt-line.


* Cautuion, my ant package isn't included Debian changelog and

Don't forget, we can modify and distribute these software freely;)

Takashi Okamoto

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