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Re: Java libraries and proposal.

james@netcsi.com writes:

> I think explicitly specifying the .jars you want to import into your
> library or application, with sonames if necessary, seems better.

That is fine for nicely-packaged libraries and applications.  However,
I'm concerned about a random Java programmer who should not have to
manually fiddle with their classpath.  Such programmers should be able
to write Java code without having to know which jar is where.  Also,
if each application has to specify jars, then you also complicate the
life of people developing such applications.  Hence, I feel the
'add everything" approach is a reasonable default.

> The 'add everything' approach only invites DLL hell.

Well, first this is what Sun does, at least to some extent, with the
"extensions" mechanism.

Secondly, DLL hell as I understand it is a completely different problem,
due to lack of support for multiple versions of a library, and applications
installing a version they need without consideration for other applications.
	--Per Bothner
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