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Re: java library installation issues

Quoting Seth Arnold <sarnold@willamette.edu>:
> > > With this setup:
> > > (1) All Java compilers and VMs can compile find all "installed"
> > > without users having to fiddle with classpaths.
> I do not like this idea.

I agree. I mentioned it because it came up in earlier discussions.

> There are several reasons. The first is that
> Policy forbids any program to require environment variables to run
> properly. The second is the simple question of "where should CLASSPATH
> be set?" (Many other Linux distros would just do this in the systemwide
> /etc/bashrc -- Debian is *much* faster to login to as a result of the
> mess in other systems. :) The third is that each compiler/runtime
> can have unique requirements for the CLASSPATH environment variable.
> (e.g., I think the JDK 1.3 from Sun does not want CLASSPATH set unless
> the circumstances are great, compared to JDK 1.1, which needed
> set for anything to work at all. IIRC.) So, not all compiler/runtime
> systems could even share the one CLASSPATH.
> All told, I think we can do better than CLASSPATH, though I do not work
> with enough different Java systems to know what that better system is.



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