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Re: java library installation issues

* Per Bothner <per@bothner.com> [010403 00:01]:
> Well, I'm not focusing on Debian - I'm actually currently using Red Hat.

Aha; I assumed you used Debian because you have posted in debian-java
before, over the course of several months IIRC.

I imagine that most any improvements in handling Java anywhere would
have to be an improvement everywhere. (If your changes get worked into
the FHS, I think our BSD friends will see some benefit too -- I think I
heard that at least FreeBSD looks at FHS from time to time. No one quote
me on this. :)

> I notice you didn't cc java@gcc.gnu.org.

By no intention of my own. I tend to hit L in mutt to list reply when I
know the email came from a list I follow -- I forget that sometimes the
CCs are added intentionally. :) Sorry to the good people working on gcj.

[The gist of my previous email was similar to Per's paragraph about
CLASSPATH -- I am against it: debian policy forbids it, not standard
from compiler/runtime to compiler/runtime, no easy place to set a global
CLASSPATH on all systems (/etc/<shell_startup_file> is out due to debian
policy), and users may have specialized needs that we shouldn't muck

Cheers! :)

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