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Re: PG7.1b5 .debs

Oliver Elphick wrote:

> /usr3/home/olly/mypackages/pg7.1/postgresql-7.1beta5/src/interfaces/
> jdbc/build.xml:99: Cannot use classic compiler, as it is not available

Try using the jikes compiler instead, i.e. add (or change) the
build.compiler property in this section:

  <property name="build.compiler" value="jikes"/>

> ...bafflement!  What is "classic compiler"? The XML line begins "<javac"

That's the integradted compiler in JDK 1.1. This compiler is not
available when you use the Kaffe JVM.

> I have jdk1.1 installed, which contains /usr/lib/jdk1.1/bin/javac.

jdk1.1 is non-free, so the postgres source package whould have to move
to contrib if it build depends on it. Please try kaffe and jikes (see
e.g. the Tomcat package on how to build with Ant and free tools only),
and if that fails I'll continue to maintain the libpgjava package
as a seperate package in contrib.

Stefan Gybas

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