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RE: Quitting debian-java

It is a consequence of Sun's licensing and Debian policy.

I don't think finger pointing, even to Sun, will help at
this point.  We just need to figure out a way to work
around the problem.

Personally, I wish Sun goes to H***!  They also manage to
wound other good ideas severely, like JINI with their 


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> On Thursday 1 March 2001, at 16 h 40, the keyboard of Artur 
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>  wrote:
> > Anyway i hope that after quiting main Java2 blocker
> I will learn Peter's lesson, I will not write this is absurd. 
> But it is: the 
> fact that Java2 is non-free (and not even redistributable) is 
> not my decision, 
> but Sun's.
> > And maybe more democratic decision making system will be developed?
> You seem to believe that I was a sort of dictator (nominated 
> by who, BTW?) who 
> had the power to decide what goes or does not go into Debian. 
> If you think so, 
> may I suggest that you understood nothing about the way 
> Debian (or any 
> volunteer effort) works?
> Go ahead, stop whining, package Java2 and try to upload it. I 
> never had the 
> power to block it. Sun's lawyers have it. And the Debian 
> FTPmaster also has, 
> too, because he is officially in charge (I never was) of 
> preventing illegal 
> packages to be distributed in Debian (because carelessness of 
> one packager 
> could endanger the whole Debian project if Sun sues us).
> So, if you think I had any power, go ahead, take it. 
> Disclaimer: do not tell I 
> didn't warn you.
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