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Re: Quitting debian-java

Peter Moulder wrote:

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 12:27:41PM +0100, Artur Radosz wrote:

One good news in this day (really bad day for me)!
Maybe now something with java-debain will change.
Go away.

What do you think you achieve by sending this message?

Stephan has already announced his intentions, so I don't suppose you can
have any effect on whether or not he does "go away" from java-debian.  If
you wish to dissuade others from behaving similar to Stephan in some way,
then you can be far more effective by encouraging a specified different
behaviour (without having a go at Stephen).

I think the main thing achieved by being rude to people in public is to
discourage them and everyone reading from volunteering their efforts.  In
most cases (including in Stephen's case from what I know), the person
contributes much good to free software even if you do disagree with some
of what s/he does.

There is very rarely much positive gained from insulting people in
public, and there are usually better (more effective and having less
harmful side effects) ways in any case.  I hope that you will
consider this in future when you have a bad day.


You are right. Sorry.
It was stupid.

Anyway i hope that after quiting main Java2 blocker from his position we will have Java 2, and many different FREE software that bases on it, included in best linux distribution.
And maybe more democratic decision making system will be developed?


sorry for english

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