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Re: Swing?

>>>>> "OC" == Ottavio Campana <bott@iol.it> writes:

    OC> How can I have swing working under potato r2? I've got jdk1.1
    OC> installed and it doesn't contain this library (or I haven't
    OC> seen it....).

There are binaries of J2SDK (including Swing) available at the
Blackdown Java site:


They have .deb files, but they're only for woody, so I don't think
they'd work on your system. You should probly just download the
tarballs and install them in your /usr/local.

Additionally, there's another JVM for Linux from IBM:


Again, download the tarball and put it in your /usr/local.

Neither one of these is Free Software -- I don't think you can run
Swing on any of the free JVMs yet.

Good luck,


Evan Prodromou

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