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Re: How to load images

Ottavio Campana wrote:

Maybe this isn't the most correct place where I should post this message
but I haven't find any answer in any other place....

you could try searching or posting to:

I've writing a programm in java with a grafical interface. I've extended
the class  Frame and now I  need to show  some pictures in order  to get
something  similar to  a  puzzle. My  problem is  that  I've found  some
examples but  they all  use the  method getImage  of class  Applet. What
should I do to show the images with a frame?

there is an ImageIcon class in javax.swing that will do what you need. it has various constructors, including one (String name) constructor, that will let you do this:

new ImageIcon("/home/wilykit/src/images/logo.gif");

once you have an ImageIcon, you can add it like any other JComponent.
i believe it is very limited in what file types it supports; i know it does support gif and it doesn't support jpeg from my experience.

i know of no correspondingly easy way to do this in AWT, though.


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