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Re: RFC: provides: java-servlet-engine

>>> Stefan Gybas <stefan@gybas.com> 17-Dec-00 1:00:45 PM >>>

>I will ask the ftp admins to remove jserv and gnujsp 
>from the archives as soon as woody has been 
>released (i.e. they will not be in woody+1).
>Both JServ and Tomcat are in contrib but Tomcat 
>implements the newer servlet specification 2.2 so it can 
>fully repleace JServ and GNUJSP.

Please don't remove these from Debian. 

Many people still prefer to use Jserv because it does things that
Tomcat still doesn't do (session load balancing).

Other servlet engines (namely GNU-Paperclips, the FSF's servlet
engine) require GNUJSP to provide JSP services.

I will be packaging GNU-Paperclips for Debian once we are API 2.3
compliant. I hope that Debian will provide it in the main release when
I have done so.

Nic Ferrier

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