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Re: Experimental Tomcat package available

Alex Wan hing-cheung wrote:

> I have installed the package in my pototo box and find that tomcat
> servlet engine can't be started for missing the class
> org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat in the Tomcat.jar, please checked.

This is caused by an interesting problem with jikes: jikes fails to
create some .class files when it is run as root. When I manually run
"debian/rules build" with my user, everything is built fine but not
when this is done with sudo.

I have rebuilt the .deb step-by-step (i.e. not using "sudo debuild")
and uploaded it to the same location (I did not increment the version
number). Please test the new version and send me feedback.

> Is there any plan for establish the cocoon into Tomcat instead on
> Apache's jserv?

I'm not the Cocoon maintainer but I think this is a logical step. The
new Cocoon releases (1.7.x) use most of the components that are also used
by Tomcat, e.g. the Xerces XML parser instead of OpenXML. However,
Cocoon 1.7 also needs Xalan-J (the XSLT stylesheet processor) which is not
yet packaged. I might do this in the future, together with Rhino and
BSF which are useful additions to Xalan.

Stefan Gybas

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