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Re: advantage of /usr/share/java/repository over /usr/share/java?

On Thursday 14 September 2000, at 8 h 27, the keyboard of 
brlewis@users.sourceforge.net wrote:

> Is this a conflict?  Foo.jar will never be a top-level directory of the
> Java classes.

Right but I find it inelegant.

> The reason I'm pressing this issue is that I'd like to see Kawa and BRL
> packaged for Debian (by me or by somebody else, doesn't matter), and if
> I end up doing it and go against Per's suggestion to use /usr/share/java
> instead of /usr/share/java/repository, I want to be able to give him a
> good reason.  

There is apparently very few interest in Debian to have Java packages properly packaged since no Java policy yet have meet approval or even interest. Using several different Java compilers and/or VMs on Debian is still a pain because tools are not well integrated.

If we had a policy which meets a rough consensus, you could tell him "Because it is The Policy" :-)

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