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Re: ITP enhydra

On Monday 4 September 2000, at 21 h 25, the keyboard of John Leuner 
<jewel@pixie.co.za> wrote:
> It's interesting that you if can run a Java "binary" you'll also be able
> to build the sources very easily. This is because Java is always linked at
> run time, so the build-time and run-time dependencies are the same.

This is clearly wrong:

- your compiler may fail with some Java constructs (a common problem with gcj),
- your compiler may do checks "just in case" for classes you will not use.

Also, most Java programs come without any sort of Makefile (or Ant file or 
anything like that). The upstream author says it's because "you don't need to" 
recompile (which shows their contempt for free software). Finding the 
dependencies, in order to write a Makefile (or debian/rules), while always 
possible, is not obvious and is a problem with several Java programs.

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