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Re: ITP enhydra

> > it acceptable to use the upstream binary tarball as the .orig for a Debian
> > source package, as it is architecture-independent?  Or must it compile from the
> > Java source?
> If the package is in 'non-free', you don't even need the sources. IMHO (but 
> IANAL), for a package to get in 'main', you HAVE TO be able to compile it from 
> the sources.
> For programs written in C, it goes without saying, but it seems some Debian 
> packagers forget this, because upstream Java packages usually come with the 
> binary, a binary which is often very difficult to regenerate (which reminds me 
> the time of Ultrix, where Digital accepted to ship the sources, but they were 
> almost impossible to compile, if you wanted to reboot your Vax with a patched 
> version).

It's interesting that you if can run a Java "binary" you'll also be able
to build the sources very easily. This is because Java is always linked at
run time, so the build-time and run-time dependencies are the same.

John Leuner

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