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Re: Java viable for cross-platform GUI applications ?

Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> Certainly a silly question for this list: Do you think Java is currently
> a viable platform for cross-platform, shrink-wrap GUI applications ?
> I.e. if you had a proprietary consumer application for Windows and MacOS,
> and you were looking for a strategy that also worked for Linux, would
> you consider re-implementing the application in Java, or would you stick
> with conventional tools like a cross-platform toolkit (like wxWindows or Qt),
> a Wine/Winelib solution, or a single toolkit for each platform.
> Apart from our (Debian's) license problems with Java, I have the impression
> that the big other distributions don't really support a Java Runtime
> Environment, cf. the way they support GNOME or KDE applications.
> If somebody point me to discussions of the state of art of Java on Linux,
> I'd be really glad!
>     Gregor

I think Java Web Start (http://java.sun.com/products/javawebstart/)
makes Java
a very powerful cross-platform deployment strategy.  I have it working
on my
Debian box at this moment.


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