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Java viable for cross-platform GUI applications ?

Certainly a silly question for this list: Do you think Java is currently
a viable platform for cross-platform, shrink-wrap GUI applications ?
I.e. if you had a proprietary consumer application for Windows and MacOS,
and you were looking for a strategy that also worked for Linux, would
you consider re-implementing the application in Java, or would you stick
with conventional tools like a cross-platform toolkit (like wxWindows or Qt),
a Wine/Winelib solution, or a single toolkit for each platform.

Apart from our (Debian's) license problems with Java, I have the impression
that the big other distributions don't really support a Java Runtime
Environment, cf. the way they support GNOME or KDE applications.

If somebody point me to discussions of the state of art of Java on Linux,
I'd be really glad!


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