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Re: Tomcat, Debian Potato, and Sparc

"John F. Davis" wrote:

> 5.  Tried to build Ant which Tomcat requries.  Discovered that Jikes/Kaffe
> doesn't work with Ant.

Not true any longer. I have uploaded the latest release (3.2beta1) of
Ant to main as it can be compiled (and used!) now with Kaffe. However, you
have to use jikes as Java compiler because the sun.tools.javac.* classes
are not implemented in Kaffe's (and Classpath's) core classes.

Also, RMI does not work in Ant (because sun.rmi.* is not implemented either)
but this is all ducumented in README.Debian. I have now managed to compile
tomcat with only free tools so it will probably also go into main. Kaffe
runs (in my experience) most of the appilcations that don't use AWT/Swing
quite well.

> 8.  Still to go.  Hook tomcat into Apache.

This will be handled with my package (once it is finished). If you have
any suggetions for the inclusion of the dynamicalls generated config file,
please tell me.

Stefan Gybas

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