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Tomcat, Debian Potato, and Sparc


Here is a quick rundown on how I managed to get Java Server capability working
on Debian Sparc Linux.

This note was originally sent to my local java users group where we
are learnng how to write/use java servlets.


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Well, I finally got some good news for you guys.

www.skink.net has a running java server now!

check out http://www.skink.net:8080/ it shows a blank page,
but its via tomcat 3.1 which is the servlet server.

Here is a loose run down on how we got here.

1.  I upgraded my os to the latest version of Debian in order to get 
an Apache version which runs jserv or tomcat.

2.  I discovered that the latest version of Debian doesn't have prebuilt
software packages for Jserv or tomcat on the sparc architecture.  They
do have them for intel.  (When I don't know how something works, I like 
to go with the pre-built stuff first.  Then when I have a clue, I install
the source to customize it.)

3.  I tried to build the code for jserv myself.  I can't remember all 
the problems but it basically was that there were some components which
I couldn't find src for sparc.  Source existed for sparc solaris but not
sparc linux.

4.  Learned the difference between jserv and tomcat.  I decided to go 
with tomcat.  jserv is uses JSDK 2.0.  JSDK 2.2 is latest.  Tomcat
supports JSDK 2.2 but doesn't require it.  

5.  Tried to build Ant which Tomcat requries.  Discovered that Jikes/Kaffe
doesn't work with Ant.  

6.  Was about to give up when I found a blackdown version of JDK 1.2.2
for sparc.

7.  Using JDK 1.2.2, I built ANT and then I built tomcat.

8.  Still to go.  Hook tomcat into Apache.


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