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Re: two LGPL java packages that I want to distribute

david sims wrote:

> I recently converted two of my boxes over to Debian, and I like the apt system
> so much that I'd like to distribute two of my LGPL Java packages via
> Debian/apt, if possible.

There are two ways to distribute them via APT: Either at your own web site
or as part of Debian itself. If you want to distribute them you either
need to become a Debian developer or find a sponsor (a Debian developer who
uploads the package for you).

> Of course, they both require non-free JVMs and JDKs.

Are you sure they won't run with Kaffe or Japhar/Classpath?

> One of the packages also requires JAXP from Sun, which I'm sure isn't
> free either.

Xercex-J from the Apache XML project contains all JAXP classes and they
are free (Apache/BSD license).

Stefan Gybas

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