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Re: Java development on debian ppc

On Friday 30 June 2000, at 15 h 13, 
the keyboard of "C.M. Connelly" <c@eskimo.com> wrote:

> Good for you.  But some people need or *want* to use software that
> isn't ``free'' (as in speech).  

I don't pretend I will force them to be free. I'm not trying to stop them (I 
cannot). I just say that Debian should not devote too many efforts to run 
non-free stuff. If it runs, fine, it can help some people. If it doesn't... 
well if it is so necessary for some people, surely they will do whatever is 
needed to make it work?

> Dismissing those people doesn't
> help the cause of free software, it makes you look like an
> ideologue.

I am. And a communist, too. 

> How is Kaffe's lack of support for any features of Sun's JDK Sun's
> fault?  The information is out there, it's up to the Kaffe
> developers to write the code.

WRONG! Recent stuff like JINI or Swing is under the Sun Community Source Code 
Licence which FORBIDS independent implementation (under a possibly free 

> exist in Java 1.1.  You may consider these fixes part of some
> conspiracy by Sun Marketing to keep other Java implementations
> playing ``catch-up'',

It is. They play the same game that Adobe with PDF.

> I've reported the bug.  

Me too, a few hours before :-) #66547 and #66540. They are the same bug and 
should be merged once the maintainer decides on a severity.

> their decision is to run ``non-free'' software.  Obscuring or
> taking that right away is unlikely to encourage people to use
> Debian when there are plenty of alternative GNU/Linux
> distributions out there that don't restrict that freedom.

"Something in their soul is crying for slavery". A. Camus


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