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Re: bytes, chars, and BigIntegers, oh my!

Seth R Arnold <sarnold@willamette.edu> writes:

> My second question -- some of the methods (such as
> String.getBytes(String enc)) take an encoding method -- and I haven't
> found documentation on these guys anywhere. I imagine "ascii" "ebcdic"
> "unicode" would be the names of encoding methods I could choose from,
> but I haven't found any uses of them yet.

"The Java Class Libraries 2nd edition, Volume 1" (the thick
Addison-Wesley books) have a list of encodings under the String
constructor (page 1649 in my copy).  Just a list, though.
I assume the CpNNN ones as Windows "Code Pages".  I know what
many of the others are, or can guess.
	--Per Bothner
per@bothner.com   http://www.bothner.com/~per/

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