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Kaffe status, Open Source jobs


Sorry for the lack of news on Kaffe. I have been getting crushed by the
workload here at the shop and am not as productive as I would like. I have
been getting a lot of bug reports / user comments about bugs on non-i386
platforms lately. In order to deal with this I would like to set up a build
system on several platforms. We have Alpha, x86, and SPARC running here at
the shop and I have machines for doing 68k and PPC that just need Debian
installed on them. I am wondering if anyone would like to help with various
aspects of setting up these builds, especially on other platforms. Drop me
a line if you are interested.

Additionally, I would like to announce that we will be needing to fill
6 positions fairly immediatly and 10 positions long term to write Open Source
Java. This work will include heavy SAX and DOM work, working with Kaffe on
an embedded MIPS based hand-held Linux system, working on free EJB systems,
working with and/or developing enterprise level Java systems such as
message queues and EJB containers, and assorted work with distributed
clusters running Kaffe. Some code will be customer specific/proprietary,
but 90% of the code written will be put straight into LGPL. We are interested
in people in Texas as well as people who would need to work remotely. If
this sounds interesting, please drop me a line. (Sorry if this is Spam,
since its basically an oppurtunity to get paid to write Open Source Java
I figured I could get away with it). 


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