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JServ logging


after solving my serious problems with finding JDBC classses of JServ
a smaler but ugly Problem remains:  Jserv doesn't do the usual logging
I expect it to do :-(

I have set

     ApJServLogLevel info

in /etc/jserv/jserv.conf to increase the level of the messages
which should be logged (the maintainer has set it to "notice"
which makes sense for sure, I only wanted to make sure that nothing
will be suppressed).

When using the Jserv packages up to package version 1.0.99b3-2
the logging of messages I filed via System.err.println were
stored in /var/log/apache/error.log.  Since Jserv 1.1 those
errors vanish in the off :-((.

I'd like to avoid opening private error logging files and prefer
loggin in the apache error log or /var/log/jserv.log.  Any hint
which configuration option enables me to see my error logs.

It is possibly a bad habit to uses system error logfiles for that
purpose?  I use it to catch SQL exceptions.

Kind regards


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