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FW: IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java Technology Edition and Debi an (fwd)

Hello all,

Sorry for crossposting, but I think this may be important enough to
warrant that action.

I have received the following letter from IBM. This states that in two
weeks the license for IBM JDK will change so that it will not contain any
restrictions for the usage of it on any Linux system (the ridiculous
clauses concerning RH6 and Caldera2.2 will go away at the very least). 

I don't know anything about what the exact license will be, whether it
will allow packaging IBM JDK in non-free, or only the installer, but
anyway, there will be no legal problem concerning the usage of the
ibm-jdk11-installer. I don't expect IBM JDK to go open-source by the way,
so I don't think that it will go into main.

Robert Varga

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> Sent:	Monday, February 28, 2000 4:50 PM
> To:	robvarga@iqsoft.hu
> Cc:	bwatt@us.ibm.com
> Subject:	IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java Technology Edition and
> Debian
> Robert, you may use the Developer Kit or the Runtime Environment with
> Debian if you are satisfied with the way the code operates in that
> environment.     The restrictions in the license agreement were in error
> and are in the process of being updated in the next two weeks to allow use
> with any Linux O/S.
> Thanks,
>    Jeff
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> 02/28/2000
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> Brian Watt <bwatt@austin.rr.com> on 02/25/2000 10:27:58 PM
> To:   robvarga@iqsoft.hu, Jeff N Roberts/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
> cc:
> Subject:  IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java Technology Edition and Debian
> Robert,
> I would suggest that you e-mail Jeff N. Roberts, Sr. Marketing Manager,
> in Austin, TX and ask him. His e-mail address is jnr@us.ibm.com.
> WRT your questions on Debian, we have tested on RedHat, and Caldera,
> and, as such, those are the only distributions that we can be sure that
> it operates on, however, we are aware of many other distributions where
> people are using it successfully.
> In your note you mention the Developer Kit (AKA JDK) which does have
> restrictions on redistribution, but if you review the Runtime
> Environment (AKA JRE) you will find that it can be redistributed if the
> proper conditions are followed. Please review the LICENSE files and
> README files.
> Brian Watt
> Java Development
> bwatt@us.ibm.com
> Subject: Is it legal to use IBM JDK 1.1.8 on Debian Linux? - someone
> please answer!
> Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 17:48:47 +0100
> From: "Robert Varga" <robvarga@iqsoft.hu>
> Organization: IBM Software Group
> Newsgroups: ibm.software.java.linux
> The licence of IBM JDK looks very restrictive. Is IBM's opinion on the
> subject of using IBM JDK different Linux distributions that it allows it
> to be used only on RH6.0 and Caldera 2.2?
> Does IBM really intend to forbid its usage on eg. Debian? Our company
> needs to deploy a site using Apache JServ and GNUjsp. We would like to
> deploy it with IBM JDK and in all cases we want to deploy it on Debian
> Linux, but the license seems very restrictive about it.
> If the licence is really forbidding to use it on Debian, is there a way
> for our company as an IBM Business Partner to approach IBM to allow
> using IBM JDK on Debian Linux in specific cases and conditions?
> Regards,
> Robert Varga
> robvarga@iqsoft.hu

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