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RE: Is there a AWT package for Debian?

On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Tam Than Ma wrote:

> Hi,
> I thought the AWT toolkit came on a separated package. Hmmm. So I guess it
> is included in one of the jdk packages? I thinking of using jdk1.1. Does
> this has the AWT toolkit? Also what's the different between the ibm-jdk
> 1.1.8 that you use and the jdk.1.1 package?

AWT is just a java package. However it is not in all JDK's. The cause of
this is that it uses native code, and not all linux JDKs contain means to
provide native calls for a Java class. Therefore not all JDKs contain the
awt package.

IBM's JDK is a fully compliant JDK, however it cannot be packaged in
Debian due to licensing problems (if it still has that ridiculous licence 
specifying that it may only be used on Caldera, Redhat and a third
distribution, which I don't remember, and only on specified versions).

However someone put up an installer for it, under the name
ibm-jdk11-installer. If you download the JDK tarball from IBM, and put up
that package (the installer), it will install the IBM JDK 1.1.8 correctly.
After this you will be able to use AWT. For this, however, you need
glibc2.1, and kernel 2.2  

Robert Varga

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