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Re: native threads and Invocation API

On Friday 27 August 1999, at 12 h 14, the keyboard of Gene McCulley 
<mcculley@enki.org> wrote:

> Should the Debian policy for Java include the location of the .so so
> that programs that use the Invocation API can have a standard link
> path?

I cannot help you on the native threads, which I don't know, but otherwise, *if* the JDK requires *any* environment variable (like LD_LIBRARY_PATH) to run properly, this is a bug. See Policy 3.8 <http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch3.html#s3.8>.

Otherwise, the Policy tries to make Java programs (not Debian-packaged) able to run without any environment variable (hence the emphasis on classes instead of jars) but nothing has been done for the '.so'.

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