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[Fwd: [phxjug-java] PVCj 1.2 released (Open Source)]

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Hi folks,

Just a quick announcement to let you know that there's a new version of
PVCj available which works with the newest versions of Java Plugin (1.2).

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, PVCj (Plugin Version
Control for Java) is a free tool which enables client side installation
of .jar files within Sun's Java Plugin. These means that you can run
large applets in Java Plugin and have the corresponding .jar files
"cached" on the client machine. So when the applet starts, everything's
local and startup is very rapid; .jar files are only downloaded from the
server if a newer version is available. PVCj in production for almost a
year now and has enjoyed widespread use and acclaim.

Most notably in this new version, we've added workarounds for several
bugs introduced in Plugin 1.2 (like URLConnection not returning correct
dates for .jar and .exe files) and we've released PVCj as Open Source
(GNU license). Other licensing options are available as needed.

Here's the link for all the details... http://granitepeaks.com/pvcj

Feel free to holler with questions.
Christian Cryder
Software Engineer - UHR Infrastructure
REALM Information Technologies -  http://www.realminfo.com
Plugin Version Control for Java (PVCj 1.2) - http://granitepeaks.com/pvcj
Adventures in UHR - http://realm.granitepeaks.com
     "What a great time to be a geek"

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