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CLASSPATH settings for JDBC


I tried to get database access via freetds_jdbc.  The installation
process seemed to be successful.  By default the necessary files
are installed in /usr/local/share/LocalJava.  To let the example
work I have to set the CLASSPATH variable correctly.

Now I've read in /usr/doc/jdk1.1/README.linux.gz:
> That's it!  No CLASSPATH, no JAVA_HOME, or other environment variables to set
> to get the basic system running.  It can be installed anywhere on your
> machine, and it figures out whatever information it needs about where it was
> installed automatically when it runs.
Fine, but if I set the new CLASSPATH variable to get the example
working like:


The basic Java files were not found.  Off course this means I have to
set the complete CLASSPATH


nut this doesn't work, too.  What is the correct way to set the

By the way, if I get the freetds_jdbc working I plan to build a
Debian package.  My questions are:

1) Where can I find the recent Debian Java policy for storing the
   files right?
2) I suppose that the package has to be go to contrib.  It is GPLed
   but it dependance from JDK makes avoids that it goes into main.
   Is this right?

Kind regards


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