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Re: Servlets

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Stefan Gybas wrote:

> You also need a JSDK2.1 compliant servlet engine, not just the jsdk2.1
> jar archive. Unfortunately Apache-JServ does only support the servlet 2.0
> specification yet, so you have to use Sun's (or any other non-free)
> engine. You then have to set the classpath inside that engine to include
> the jsdk2.1 jar, using "export CLASSPATH=..." will not work.
What is the advantage of jsdk2.1 over 2.0?  Actually I found
Apache-JServ some minutes ago in the Debian Distribution (every time
I think it's great what is bundled for Debian) and it worked (the
example, thought).  So I have no idea what I would miss when not
using jsdk2.1.

Kind regards


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