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Re: Okay this is even odder

Well I finally got IBMs VM on my box and compared it against my latest
Kaffe under JServ.  IBM 70/sec, Kaffe 12/sec (about 6x slower).  Not
good numbers if you ask me.  As I've claimed before the JIT3 stuff while
not yet complete even now is *not* 6x slower than IBMs VM.

For non-concurrent tests (so we're avoiding any benifits of kernel
threading) we get IBMs VM with 45/sec and Kaffe with 12/sec - about 4x

I can certainly see a x2 because of the JIT but I think Kaffe has some
bad library stuff happening too (a hunch - I've seen this kind of thing
before).  The native threading is happening as we speak so we should see
that improvement real soon now.

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