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Re: Sun's Community Licence (Was: Various issues: kaffe, compilers, freeness, etc.

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On Wednesday 28 July 1999, at 11 h 24, the keyboard of Stephane Bortzmeyer 
<bortzmeyer@pasteur.fr> wrote:

> > - A total ban on SCSL code. The license is simply too dangerous to
> >   include in the Debian distribution, even under non-free.
> Could you elaborate on that?

I really could use a text (it can be long, I can summarize) describing in plain english the SCSL (Sun's Community Source Licence) and its consequences. 

I can see, in the field of Biology, many authors running to use Sun's stuff, like Swing and I lack hard facts to explain them that there is a problem. If we do nothing to convince the upstream authors, every Java program will be SCSL soon.

Anyone working with Sun on this issue?

Bruce, this is a job for you :-)

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