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Appletviewer for tutorial?


as a bloody beginner I want to start with suns Java tutorial.
To read and to test the examples I want to use the Netscape
Communicator (I use an up to date potato system).

If I try an example I get the following message:

     Note: Because the preceding applet uses the Swing 1.1 API, it
     requires Java Plug-in 1.1.2 or Java Plug-in 1.2. It won't work with
     Java Plug-in 1.1.1 or uncustomized 1.1 browsers. For more
     information about running applets in the tutorial, refer to About
     Our Examples. That page includes a section about Downloading Java

I hope that there is an application (appletviewer from JDK??) which
could do the job, because I want to bother my installation with
non-Debian packaged software.  What do I have to insert in my
mime.types file or any other to invoke the right application.

Kind regards


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