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Re: Sun's Community Licence

On Wed, Jul 28, 1999 at 01:51:18PM -0700, Cris J. Holdorph wrote:
> Ok, but you can pick up books that document the Class Libraries and the
> language specification too.  I'm sure, sooner, or later, there'll be a Jini
> book too, but I'll forgo that point for now.  I simply think that we're
> first and foremost concerned with getting a JVM, compiler and base class
> library, which I think could be done by people not exposed to the SCSL or
> any SCSL protected material.

Java 2 is also an SCSL phenomena. Everything in 1.1 is safe and can be 
cloned. Java 2 is a problem. This isn't speculation, this is fact. 
Tim Wilkinson, who writes Kaffe and runs a company doing ports of it for
money, has been over this in detail with his attornees. It is a real
problem, right now. Many new features in the sql classes, ejb and other
Java components will be affected by these licensing issues sooner rather
than later.

With that out of the way I think we can work to package the Java language.
We just have to recognize that Java itself is not a free system and that
the intentions of its manufacturer are antithetically opposed to the
beliefs and values of our community.


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