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Re: Sun's Community Licence (Was: Various issues: kaffe, compilers, freeness, etc.

On Wed, Jul 28, 1999 at 10:26:41AM -0700, Cris J. Holdorph wrote:
> So would that cover if someone went to Amazon.com and ordered "The Java
> Virtual Machine Specification", 2cd ed, by Lindholm & Yellin (ISBN 0201432943)
> and then implement according to that, then you say that Sun claims it as a
> Modified work?  How can they do that, when to purchase the book you never
> signed a license agreement?

I am not sure if the VM spec itself is under the SCSL yet, but if it is then
you can rest assured that your implementation is a derivative work in Sun's

As to how they can do it, they do it just like this:

13.  "Modification(s)" means (i) any change to Covered Code;
     (ii) any new file or other representation of computer
     program statements that contains any portion of Covered
     Code; and/or (iii) any new Source Code implementing any
     portion of the Specifications.

Section (iii) being the naughty bit. Now, you may think this is silly, 
unjust or even impossible but that doesn't matter. If you are feeling brave
and feel like this doesn't need to be taken seriously I would invite you
to remember that Sun beat Microsoft in a court of law. Microsoft practically
invented software licensing, so if Sun can beat them they can beat you and
they can beat all of us put togethor.

Sun is dangerous.

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