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Re: Sun's Community Licence (Was: Various issues: kaffe, compilers, freeness, etc.

Ean R . Schuessler Writes:
> The SCSL is like the GPL, a viral license. The chief difference, however,
> is that the GPL makes everything it touches subject to free redistribution
> and a garauntee of source availability and the SCSL makes everything it
> touches subject to Sun licensing fees. The SCSL even goes so far as to
> define any implementation of a Sun specification as a "Modified Work".
> Basically, this means that if you implement any part of the new 1.2 API
> or Jini API, even from scratch, Sun will "own" your implementation and you
> will have to pay them for the right to use it.

So would that cover if someone went to Amazon.com and ordered "The Java
Virtual Machine Specification", 2cd ed, by Lindholm & Yellin (ISBN 0201432943)
and then implement according to that, then you say that Sun claims it as a
Modified work?  How can they do that, when to purchase the book you never
signed a license agreement?

---- Cris J H

Cris J. Holdorph

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