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Re: Too much is too much: One month in Incoming

On Tuesday 27 July 1999, at 8 h 32, the keyboard of "Ean R . Schuessler" 
<ean@novare.net> wrote:

> There is another way to handle this. You should set up a web based
> ..deb repository, [...] This will allow you to experiment more easily.

Well, at the present time, anyone could retrieve the packages in Incoming but 
you're right, it would be more convenient. I'll do it.

> Regarding lack of input, I'm sorry to say that I have been deeply
> swamped. I still need to perform simple task like closing many of the
> registered Kaffe bugs that are no longer applicable.

Great! Good idea.

Regarding the issue in the subject, I assume you have no part in the management of dinstall and of the override file?

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