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Re: Main server ja translation on manual : prioritize installer .po

To: victory and Debian Japanese team
Cc: Debian Edu team

Thank you for giving me nice advice, victory.

Though I did most part and sent a patch for installer's .po,
I also knew Debian Japanese team's translation policy
has explicit rules to omit some prolonged sound symbols.

Perhaps my patch is not good for Debian Japanese society,
since it breaks the rule.

So, Debian Edu team, please ignore my .po patch.

It is about the installer image's translation,
and obviously I broke the rule. Apology for this.

On 5/11/19 3:52 PM, victory wrote:
On Sat, 11 May 2019 09:38:47 +0900
hoxp18 wrote:

#: ../debian-edu-profile-udeb.templates:2001
msgid "Main Server"
msgstr "主サーバ"
* the manual uses "中心サーバ"@ja != "main server"@en.
    It rather means "center/central server"@en.


As victory said, perhaps Japanese users/developers/translators
may have different choices for the "main server"'s ja term.

I myself not sure about which term be proper now.

I said I prefer katakana form, but now am thinking "中央" (= "central")
sounds nice, just as victory proposed.

I leave the current manual with "主サーバ" simply because the
installer uses that term.

I'll fix the prolonged sound symbols ASAP, too.

I guess next week's generated Debian Edu Buster Japanese manual
also uses the term, which mean the terms in the installer and
the manual matches; whether it is proper or not.

Meanwhile, I'll concentrate checking the Debian Edu Buster
Japanese manual.

Again, thank you, victory.


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