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Main server ja translation on manual : prioritize installer .po

To: Debian Edu team
CC: Debian ja translators (debian-Japanese ML)


I've considered about "main server" ja candidates
for Debian Edu Buster manual during my translation.

There are a problem of mismatched translation.

Current Situation

* installer uses "主サーバ"@ja = "main server"@en

#. Type: multiselect
#. Choices
#. __Choices: Main-Server, Workstation, Roaming-Workstation, LTSP-Server, Standalone, Minimal
#: ../debian-edu-profile-udeb.templates:2001
msgid "Main Server"
msgstr "主サーバ"

* the manual uses "中心サーバ"@ja != "main server"@en.
  It rather means "center/central server"@en.

  I don't know the reason.
  Some Japanese prefer the manual expression,
  Some other prefer the installer expression.

My suggestion

Unify those terms "主サーバー"@ja or "メインサーバー"@ja,
both means "main server"@en; it's just differences between
katakana and kanji.

IMHO "メインサーバー"@ja (= "主サーバ"@ja.installer.po) would be
better, but also think changing installer.po so soon
may make things more complicated.

So, at first I'll attempt to unify them as "主サーバー"@ja in
both installer (and other components) po file(s) and the manual.

(add omitted prolonged sound symbol (I'll call it OPSS) at its tail;
 more natural expression in "2019" Japan)


* The installer .po has longer history.

* "main server" is only one in Debian Edu system.

* "main server" could have "standby server" for fault tolerance
  and/or load balance purpose in the future (as an option), I hope.

  I guess it may make the Debian Edu system more widely used.

  In that occasion,
  "主サーバー" allows terms like "standby server" translation easier.
  e.g.) "副サーバー"@ja and/or "代替サーバー"@ja.


I've not noticed about installer Japanese display,
since I usually prefer expert mode installation in English.


* I'll try to create and send a diff patch for installer .po for OPSSs.

  I should make them for the other components .po files, too.

* I'll edit the manual to change "中心サーバ"@ja
  into "主サーバー"@ja.installer.po-with-OPSS-patch.

  The reason is described above. More detail, please read the thread

If you have any suggestion, please tell me.


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